First Class Real Estate

First Class Real Estate isn’t just a name of this fine Burbank real estate firm … it’s a promise!  Many companies in this field are named after their founder or after an impersonal conglomerate that seemingly values profit over good quality service.  Not here at First Class Real Estate!!

Bill Toth, owner and broker, is a firm believer in having fun while working in this often stressful business. Bill is engaging and sincere to a fault.   It’s no wonder that he and/or his real estate office have won numerous city-wide awards for Best Real Estate Office or Best Real Estate Agent.   He makes it look easy.   It isn’t! 

Business done here is personal, honest, thorough and professional because that is the way it should be handled!   Got questions?  Ask away!   Got issues?  Answers are found here!   Buying and selling properties isn’t for the faint of heart.  There’s a mountain of papers to acknowledge and understand … First Class Real Estate agents take their time to explain each and every step involved in the buying and selling process until you are comfortable and ready to move forward.    Leases can be complicated too.   Not here! 

So why use First Class Real Estate?   First, the office location is convenient!   There’s ample parking! The building is attractive and the company has a wonderful reputation, both locally and nationally.   Their trained agents are members of many multiple listing services (MLS) and there is clerical and administrative support to make deals seem seamless.   First Class Real Estate even has its own in-house lender,  HouseAmerica Financial (Christopher Toth, Mortgage Banker, is amazing).  

When you realize that from infancy to age 18 you hear the word “NO” at least 140,000 times and “YES” only a few thousand times, you will love this place.  YES is spoken here.   Agents are trained to stay positive in spite of adversity and they don’t give up until YOU are happy.  They have follow-through and tenacity.  Don’t you deserve that???  YES!! 

So, if you are in the market to buy, sell, rent a property OR want a career in this business….come to First Class Real Estate, where your needs are always put FIRST.

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